about us

Paul’s & Sandy’s Too is a family owned and operated garden center and hardware store located in East Hampton, Connecticut.  Paul Peszynski and his wife Sandra opened their business in 1970 and they and their children have grown the business into a very successful and well known company.  They contribute thousands of dollars each year to the local community and surrounding towns.

Since the early 90’s Paul’s & Sandy’s Too transforms into Pumpkintown U.S.A every fall.  Pumpkintown is a very unique attraction that consists of 12 buildings and over 50 life size pumpkin-headed people.  Each building has its own characters that represent it.  The Pumpkintown fire house is guarded by Chief Marty Melon and the Pumpkintown Jail houses Spud the local “bad guy” and so on.  Pumpkintown is a wonderful non-scary attraction for kids of all ages and people come from miles around to visit every year.  In 2010 Pumpkintown had almost 18,000 visitors on the weekends only.  Since there is no admission during weekdays there is no way to calculate exactly how many people visit every year, but the estimate could be close to 25,000.

Sandra Peszynski, the co-founder of Paul’s & Sandy’s Too and Pumpkintown U.S.A. Passed away on May 24th, 2007 after a 25 year battle with Breast Cancer.  Sandy was a kindhearted, strong woman who never lost her positive attitude even during her most difficult days.  She was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister.
It was through Sandy’s imagination and creativity that Pumpkintown is what it is today.  She played a huge role in creating, naming and dressing the many characters.  The family decided that Pumpkintown will forever continue in her loving memory.  

During Sandy’s courageous battle, she came in contact with numerous wonderful people who assisted her with her many appointments, questions and concerns.  Her network included the following:

The Middlesex Cancer Center 
in Middletown, CT.  
At the Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center, they offer a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment that keeps you close to your friends and family. Their team blends state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment, with compassionate and knowledgeable care – all in one convenient location.

The Partnership for Breast Care with 
Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT
The Partnership for Breast Care is a comprehensive breast care center that works with all the different specialists helping to evaluate and treat breast problems. With one call all services can be coordinated with the one-on-one support essential to peace of mind. The Partnership includes Hartford Hospital and specialty providers. While they diagnose and treat over 500 breast cancer patients each year, they also provide prompt access and rapid diagnosis for anyone with a breast problem.

Pumpkintown U.S.A. has decided to collect donations every year in support of these two wonderful organizations with collection jars and the sale of their Pink Ribbon Pumpkins.  

In 2009 Sandy's family created a foundation in her name, 
Sandy Peszynski Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.
and will continue to donate all money raised during Pumpkintown and The Pumpkintown Prom & Party to these two wonderful causes. 
A memorial bench in Sandy's name located at Sears park in East Hampton.

Donated by the Belltown Garden Club 
of East Hampton.